Friday, June 1, 2012


Situation: We live in a gigantic house. The upstairs we rent. We have a full bathroom, three rooms, our own electric meter (so we do not pay more than we use), access to the kitchen, phone, laundry facilities, all of which are downstairs.
The family is totals four. Two adults and two sons. Olimpia's parents, sister, brother (his wife and three girls) live next door. It is a family compound popular here in Mexico.
Problem: This week, one evening, everyone was gone from our house. Her parents were home next door. Someone called her aged father and demanded money for ransom of their adult son who works as a computer geek in Leon. The kidnappers knew not only the names of the family, and I mean ALL OF THEM, they also knew Cindi and my name and even told Oli's father Cindi's and my routine of walking to the bus stop each Monday and described us perfectly down to the clothes we wore when we went out last Monday.
Also, Carlitos (16 years old), one of the kids in our home, was in the Plaza at the end of our street playing with his cousin and the caller told Mr. Sergoviano ( Olimpia's father) where they were and what they were wearing. So, he (they?) had to be watching us -- ALL OF US.
This sort of thing has been common in the past. I haven't heard of it or read an account of it in a while. But, it does happen here.

The adult son who works in Leon was not kidnapped as claimed by the caller.
One of the huge problems is that locals fear rather than trust the police. Some will claim that the cops could be in on the plot. To "Protect and to Serve" is in this country a myth according to some Mexicans.
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