Friday, May 25, 2012

I Am Back .......

November  2010 was my last post. Much has happened since then. I have been a busy guy accomplishing some major life goals, taking charge of my health, helping my dear wife take charge of hers, and learning more and more and more about the Mexican culture in which we live - literally.

Soon after my 2010 post, we moved into the home of a Mexican family from our Protestant church. An interesting fact, at least to my wife and I, is the head of the household, Carlos, one of his paternal relatives was the author of the Mexican national anthem. That is one of the many things, both good and bad, that we have encountered since not just living in Mexico but living, eating, sleeping in the home of Mexicans.

We have the upstairs, more or less, to ourselves and share the rest of the house for meals, laundry, internet, phone, coming and going, etc ... It has been a life changing experience full of ups and downs as we have had the privilege of an intimate and close-up look into the Mexican culture at a family level. Let me just comment, after all this is what a blog is for, that the Mexicans you meet in street encounters, the stores, the parties, in the public, are not as they seem: Mexican Culture is a Mask Wearing Society!

By the way, the family with whom we live do not speak a word of English.

My wife has been busying herself with more cooking chores making all manner of delicious things that she finds online. She has improved her Spanish tremendously! Her accent is improved as well and I am exceedingly proud of her.

I have ended a 2.5 year adventure earning my Master's Degree in Biblical Theology from a school in the States and am now a doctoral candidate in Biblical Counseling. This project will take a while to complete. I have a horde of reading and writing to do. I am also working toward becoming a licensed Biblical Therapist. In is an intense goal but worth the effort.

Where we live is nice. The locals are rather different from living in the heart of Guanajuato. They are accepting to the point of being protective. They are eager to help, patient to a fault, invite us into their homes at the drop of a hat, and we have grown to love them. Here there is not the incessant smell and noise of carbon monoxide machines belching poison into the air (read: Cars). You can walk about the barrio without
the fear of breathing too much car/bus exhaust (there are cars but not as prolific as in downtown).

I plan on weekly posts as my studies will allow.

Good to be back.

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