Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex -- House Sitting Part 2

What an animal riot this household is!

You forgot to tell us that Chloe and Katie have this lesbian dog thing going in the evening at bed time. They lay side by side and engage in Lesbian Dog French Kissing for at least an hour or more. I am riveted in trying to figure this out! I once tried moving Chloe away from Katie on the bed and Chloe waddled like a white, artic fur seal back to Katie, mourning for her return,and continued this activity. I may write an article.

The cats are a pair of wackos. They wait until 330am or so and then engage in some sort ot cat war. What is unnerving is that Yani makes this yowel that sounds more like Flipper the dolphin beached somewhere than a cat.So we both pop up and that sets both dogs into a barking frenzy. Both dogs look toward the door when barking. I think they were both in a sound sleep and dreaming of more lesbian dog adventures. So, Katie is standing in guard dog position while Chloe takes on the fur seal position, and I am thinking they are barking at the door because the Mexican midgets have come back.

So, why do the felines fight? First, I thought that Yani was picking on and bullying Noo-Noo. But, I saw her once leap on Yani's back and bite him in his shoulder blades. So it is not as though Nah-Nah cannot defend herself.

If they want to go all Smack Down why so early in the morning?

At 400am I sat up and saw Yani, and I swear this is true, leaning on one of his elbows on my ankle in a reclining position with the Fur Seal, face to face, as though they were having a chat.

Did I take one too many tramodols before bed?

Anyway, why the cats fights each and every night?

Once, Cindi heard something and turn on the nightstand light. Yani was laying on the floor with his head in one of Cindi's shoes, gowling and kicking the shoe as though he was practicing what he was going to do to Mee-Mee when the WWW Smack Down hour came.

You two lead an interesting life with all these animals.

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