Monday, May 24, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex - House Sitting Part 3

We were suppose to be home by now but the folks for whom we are house sitting ran into a snag in returning. We are still here.

We've finally hit a peace agreement with the animals that has allowed us to sleep soundly. Only the very obedient toy and miniature poodles are allowed in the bed and that is working nicely.

This house is about one and half blocks from where we live and has far more noise, is more polluted, and hotter. We've house sat before here but not at this time of year.

Something more noticeable in Guanajuato now is the dramatic change in climate. When we moved here 7 years ago the air was clean most of the time. Even then, however, authorities were discussing ways to limit car usage in GTO to prevent happening here what has happened to other cities in Mexico--car induced pollution. But, the plans, of course, never got off the drawing board.

The other day it was so hazy and frankly hard to get out and walk. I could not breathe. I talked with a fellow asthma suffer here who is from Mexico City. She commented how the haze that covered the city for what seemed weeks, is what she sees in Mexico City when she visits.

It is the same. It is the same car induced smog that is ruining Guanajuato.

We moved here for the simple reason we would not have to have a car. You can virtually walk anywhere in this town and if not, there are taxis and buses. But, the status symbol of car ownership is what captures the minds of Mexicans. They want to appear "modern" (whatever that is suppose to mean) so they buy cars. The bigger the auto the better.

A study done on Mexico City found that its citizens buy the cars to enhance their status in their communities. To take a cab or a bus is unthinkable. Only those of the lower class take public transportation.

I have that study on the desktop (somewhere) and will post it if I can find it.

As I am typing this the haze is covering the mountains.

Sometimes I think another planet is where we should live.

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