Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex - All Good Things

I wrote in one of my books some sound advice. It was advice I had to learn the hard way. The advice went something like this: If you see something on a store shelf in Guanajuato that you think you might use one day, BUY IT!

The reason is, is that if you don't you will never again in your lifetime see that item, or at least you won't see it for a very, very long time.

When we moved to Guanajuato I left behind in the States my bath brush. You know what I mean. The sponge on the end of a long handle that makes showering a lot easier especially for handicapped people among which I count myself. It is dangerous to wash my feet without one. With one, I can wash my lower legs and feet without risking a fall in the shower.

We saw a bath brush a month or two after moving here. But, instead of buying it right then, I said to the wife, "I will have to come back and get one..." Well, that was almost seven years ago.

Literally, I have been looking for one ever since. We would describe a bath brush to our Mexican friends and you would swear we were describing something alien from the Alpha Centauri Star System to them. They had never heard of such a thing, according to most of them.

Today one showed up in the store and we snatched it. It is just like I had in the States and I cannot wait to us it. Almost seven long years! Can you fathom it? I suppose it's true: "All good things come to those who wait."

I wonder if I should have bought two or more?


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