Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex -- Crime Closing In Fast

One thing we used to do a lot is travel. Each Spring, when the book's royalty checks rolled in, we would take off for parts unknown. We could usually pay for the trip, or at least a large portion of it, with the articles generated from our travels.

Zacatecas became a favorite place for us to go to. In fact, so regular were we in that city that the hotel we always used became accustomed to our annual (sometimes twice a year) visit. They expected us. That was nice.

The last time we were there and while on the trip back to Guanajuato we came close to an incident that felt very much like an attempt to rob us, kidnap us, or worse. I wrote about it in this blog.

The wife read to me this morning of an organized crime incident on the highway, the VERY highway, we would travel between Zacatecas and Aguacalientes on our way back from Zac to Guanajuato.
"The occupants of at least 15 vehicles were detained this week in false roadblocks on the edge of Zacatecas to Aguascalientes." [Periodico A.M.]
Some of those who were assaulted on May 4, 2010 were from Guanajuato. They were not just relieved of their possessions but were beaten, tied up, and thrown into the back of a truck. They were taken into the wilderness and abandoned. Some filed police reports but the impression I got from the article was not all did. (Not a surprise.)

So, just when will the Gringlandians, who live in such an unhealthy delusional state about the safety of Mexico, come to their senses about living here? What will it take? False road blocks between Guanajuato and San Miguel, Leon, and Irapuato?

And, what will they do then?

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