Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guanajauato, Mex -- Are They Really Friends?

I have had Gringolandians tell me that "all my friends are Mexicans." This would be nice if it weren't for the fact that these Gringolandians who tell me this can't speak Spanish. I do not doubt that they have some Mexican friends. What I doubt is that these alleged "friends" are really friends at all as American Gringolandians define friends. And, again I point out the obvious that if the Gringolandian really have Mexican friends it is that they have Mexican friends who have done what the Americans seem so incapable of doing and that is becoming bilingual.

I harp on this so often because through the years I have been told by each Mexican I converse with in Spanish that they regard the Gabacho as disrespectful who do not bother to learn Spanish. Why does the American pitch a fit over the "wetbacks" who remain monolingual in America when the Americans does the exact same thing when they move to Mexico?

Hypocritical at its finest.

I have caught hell for making this point. I am in fact known as THE MOST HATED GRINGO IN THE WORLD for speaking up on this point. For making this a point and issue I am despised among men (Gringolandians) and hated to the grave.

I just wonder how Gringolandians make the huge leap of cultural logic that "all my friends are Mexican?" How do they make this determination? What is their criteria?

Listen to what one American Gringa--an Honest Gringa--has to say in an online forum:

"i love the Mexican people, despite my experiences with my friend
from Guad. i have had wonderful experiences with people there, and they
are lots of fun, in the years i've visited my brother there and gone on
my own. my ESL friends said that as a gringo or as someone not a part
of their familiy, you will not ever really, truly know a Mexican person"

This person is absolutely right. Having a Mexican treat you nicely on the street, in a store, or whatever is no indication that a lifelong friendship has begun. Having a Mexican praise you lavishly is also NO indication of anything. It is an aspect of culture that they do this. They are so terminally polite and would do this sort of thing out of culture politeness.

When their kids begin calling you Tio (Uncle) and Tia (Aunt) then you can say that you have real, honest-to-God Mexican friends.

If you become a part of their family then and only then do you have Mexican friends. Otherwise, the best you can say is you have acquaintances.

If you are an American Gringolandian and your house catches fire and yet those Mexicans around you do nothing to help save it then maybe you should take note of the following story in this Gringa's post:

"one of the ESL teachers said that a friend of theirs was out on a
motorboat in the Bay of Bandera near Puerto Vallarta and saw that his
house was burning. he got ashore as soon as he could but the house was
destroyed. all the Mexican neighbors were standing around watching and
no one helped to put out the fire; they waited for the fire dept to come do it. one of his friends told him a few days later it was because he
had never tried to be friendly with them and he acted like an ugly
American, treating the local Mexicans as inferior and as his servants
[his attitude toward them], rather than being friendly and kind to them
in passing, because he made absolutely no effort to fit into their
customs and expected them to fit into his ways because he had more money"

This is exactly what I have been saying all these years and yet rather than repenting of their evil Gringolandian ways, they not only threaten me for my prose, they go on and on acting like all their Mexican acquaintances are their best friends.....

Just wait until your house catches fire and see what happens. Then you'll know. :)



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