Monday, April 12, 2010

Guanajauato, Mex -- The Gas Truck

In Guanajuato, and in each Mexico town we've toured, businesses and homes have to get their gas via these gigantic truck that can bring you tanks (ballistic missiles) of gas or with hoses to fill up your stationary roof tanks (bombs).

In all of the towns we've been to in Mexico these trucks will prowl the streets playing this god-awful ditty through speakers on top of the cab of the trucks. It is not a song but a ditty lasting about 5 measures and on this endless feedback loop where it repeats, well, endlessly.

My first comment is just how does the truck driver keep from going totally insane from this ear-splitting music that is blasted so loudly that it could surely hurt Superman? I mean, how does this driver keep from jumping from his truck in a ditty-driven, murderous rage and committing mass murder? I am speechless to come up with an answer.

My second comment is that no matter the gas company, they all do this and do so at ungodly early hours....Like when the wife and I are still in bed. And, the thing is, though the obvious reason for playing the cacophonous roar is to tell everyone and everything in the street through which they are driving that "the gas man cometh," NO ONE EVER IS SEEN RUNNING OUT OF THEIR STORE OR HOME FLAGGING DOWN THE GAS GUY!

We have made a point to watch and note in almost all the cities we've seen this happening and no one ever comes rushing out all breathless with tingly anticipation that they've conquered the gas problem.

The way the picture supposedly plays out is that the poor, hapless Mexican waits like a hunter in a duck blind for the prey to come flying by and BOOM, the hunter prevails by snagging a goose.

But in a city where phones, landlines or cellular are plentiful, everyone dials a number for gas and they come, with the brain-tumor-inducing music blaring, and nothing at all makes sense.

The third comment is my wife has got to be the only human being who has ever flagged down these monster trucks from the front porch of our house.

We needed gas and right before we dialed the number we heard the truck bellowing up the mountain side. I wondered then and am still wondering just what went through the driver's head to actually have an honest-to-God human being standing in front of a house flagging him down for gas? Certainly it had never happened.

Since then the two gas company's still come up and down our street, music blasting as loud as ever, and when they pass our house I can hear them slow down a bit as though waiting to see if someone will pop out and hail them.

This country!!



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