Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Gringo Moral High Ground

There is an aspect of Gringolandia that I have completely forgotten to cover, so here we go:

Gringolandian Moral High Ground

Whenever the thread covering bribes in Mexico comes up in the conversation, there will be those Gringolandians who take the "Moral High Ground" and pontificate profusely how they wouldn't be caught dead adding to the corruption of Mexican cops and judges by paying a bribe.

That's cool and so very admirable. However, I wonder just how much these superiorly moral Gringolandians understand the problem and how frightening it is when faced with having your driver's license taken, your car relieved from your possession, and or being hauled off to jail.

I have an American friend with a 100% Spanish fluency rate and ended up having to stay in a Mexican jail for two weeks because she refused to "play the game" and pay off the cop.

It is so much easier to get rousted in a smaller town where the cops and judges are in cahoots with one another. But still, it goes on even in larger towns where tourists are targeted.

Also, think of a man. A guy traveling alone is going to be subjected to far more rough to violent treatment than a woman traveling alone in a rousting attempt. These corrupt cops are not above hauling off a man on trumped-up with a carload of children and a wife left in the car.

The fear factor is multiplied to the power of infinity and beyond when the Gringo can't speak enough Spanish to talk their way out of the bribe encounter.

It is so easy to take a self-professed and self-inflated moral high ground without putting yourself in the shoes of the frightened-to-death gringo who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For a good example of a gringo paying a bribe out of sheer fear click here and page down to the entry with the name "Joe" and dated, "November 21, 2009."


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