Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Doing Nothing Much Today

Rain is coming. I began feeling the coming storm fronts three days ago. Last night the wife showed me the Mexico radar and sure enough, a gigantic super storm is heading right toward us from the States. So, today I will stay home.

People with fibromyalgia syndrome are weather vanes. We can tell what's coming weather wise long before the weatherman announces it online or on the tele. Mostly, it is the pain that tells me bad weather is coming.

So, what to do today? Pretty much a lot of nothing. Pretty much a lot of nothing can be hard to when you live in a new location and you haven't begun to explore all there is to do in your new little community.

When we lived in Pastita, it was always a chore to get up and get going. Now, it is a pleasure. In the old barrio it stank. The river is horrid and this toilet waterway smelled whenever the weather turned warm. The smell is at times choking.

Also, walking in Pastita is to be directly on the street with the carbon-monoxide spewing cars and buses. If the auto fumes didn't kill you, the noise pollution would often come close. It was dreadful. So tiring it became to get out and about, we would often spend more than a hundred dollars a month in cab fare.

Another thing that gave us headaches was the stress of having our house right on the street enabling anyone at all to knock on our door at all hours of the night. I swear that what I am about to say is true:

On our street there was a dentist office and an insurance office across the street and next door. For years, folks would come to our door anytime day or night wanting us to pull their teeth or sell them an insurance policy.

One evening at about 11:30 PM my wife was in the living room with a window open, a window with no screens. I was on the computer in the bedroom. Some guy sticks his hand into the window and pulls back the curtain so he could ask my wife if she could look at one of this teeth. This happened so many times, mostly during daylight hours, for me to remember. I've lost count.

To see the impact of the insurance company on our lives check out this link for My Man-Boobies in Guanajuato, Mexico--A Twight Zone Event...

Now, we have an apartment that is three stories up and behind a locked gate. I am loving the isolation and there are no car or bus fumes or noise.

I love it.


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