Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Most Hated Gringo in the World -- 32

My wife and I go to SMA two or three times a year for writing fodder. We never return without something to write about.

Recently, we went and to our surprise and delight, we saw and heard more Gabachos using Spanish, and rather well at that, in their transactions with the locals. This was grand and never before had we experienced so many Gringos speaking Spanish in SMA.

Now, I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting for a Spanish craze to take over the town, but it was pleasant to hear.

The majority may be characterized with this story my wife found online for me to use:

"Well, I just returned from a 2-week stay at XYZ Resort in Nuevo Vallarta. I couldn't believe that they actually let some Mexican people stay there!! These people were so stupid that they couldn't even talk English!! All they did was talk Mexican all day long!! Couldn't believe that the resort permitted them to swim in the pool and frolic on the beach. Their kids ran wild and had the nerve to try to play with our kids. To top it off, they were even allowed to eat in the dining room with us; I couldn't believe it!! The resort was nice, the food was good and we enjoyed the nightly entertainment, but our trip was pretty much ruined by these outsiders being at our favorite resort. We sure won't be going back there!!!!"

Is this something isolated to Nuevo Vallarta? No, I think not. We've heard it before in SMA but found this that was usable to stress a point.

These characters end up moving to Mexico to buy second homes and change the culture.


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