Friday, October 17, 2008

The Most Hated Gringo in the World Report – 23

I lost count years ago of the amount of hate mail comments I've gotten over whether there is a two price system in Mexico: One for Mexicans and one for Gringos. I've also lost count over the hate mail comments I've gotten as to whether or not Americans are perceived as being fabulously wealthy--ALL OF US--and therefore to over charge us or even to cheat us is an Ok thing to do.

Foreigners targeted in driver's license shift

This sort of thing has been going on for generations. According to my Mexican sources in GTO it is what their parents train them to do. I know a very well educated Mexican, and who is bilingual, who conducts tours for gringos. If they do not try to speak some Spanish to him and with him, he charges them more than someone who makes an attempt at the language.

And get this: I've received an inordinate amount of mail from Gringos and Mexicans living in Guadalajara who tell me I am lying about a dual price system.

There you go!

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