Sunday, October 19, 2008


MOVING TO MEXICO makes sense even in scary economic times! Check out the resources on this page that can help you make an intelligent decision in your expat adventure. The majority of the resources on this site deal with living in central Mexico. The reason is that the traditional places to which Gringos have flocked are beyond the retirement budgets of most retirees. Central Mexico is now THE PLACE for those potential expats living on a fixed income. With the exception of SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Central Mexico is where you will find affordable living for as little as $1,000 usd a month.

Affording The Move to Mexico...The untold secret to living in central Mexico, believe it or not, lies within learning the language. Learning Spanish will actually put you into a class of Gringos that can better afford housing, cost of living, medical, entertainment, etc... This is the most often neglected factor of expatriating to Central Mexico. If you learn Spanish, and you can no matter your age or lousy disposition, you can live much, much cheaper than those who move to Mexico's many Gringolandias or Gringo Gulches. San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta, or any of the traditional place Gringos have moved to and created Gringolandias, are now TOO expensive for your average Americans or Canadians.


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