Monday, August 9, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex -- More things to notice

Not only are personal assaults, gang violence, and robberies on the rise in the state and city of Guanajuato, ATM, or Cajeros Automaticos, crime is an ever present problem.

The thieves set up all manner or tricky devices on the ATM's, actually attaching them, on the cash machine itself. They call these skimmers. These are devices that can read your info on the magnetic strip on the back of your card and at the same time film your pass code while you enter it. Then, of course, the enter your account and drain it dry.

This is a huge problem here. Each time I go to get cash, I first check to see if there's anything unusual looking on the ATM machine. Then I tug at the machine's front to see if something comes loose. Then I cover up the key pad with one hand while keying in my code with the other.

For more info on Guanajuato's problem with this click here.

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