Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bus Travel Safety - Is there nothing sacred left?

What used to be a wonderful means to see country, bus travel, is now falling prey to the dastardly and cowardly organized crime.

In recent months robberies began to happen with alarming frequency. Some of the bus lines actually stepped up to the plate with safety procedures and policies. This is shocking to see in Mexico--private companies implementing security plans.

I suppose that the criminals are now adapting to this. If they can't rob the whole bus with the new security policies, they will do it more surreptitious by slipping a mickey in the drink of a passenger and then robbing him blind.

This happened to a young man at one o'clock, Saturday. Bound for Irapuato, Guanajuato, someone slipped him a sedative rendering him unconscious. The thieves took his belonging, made off into the afternoon, leaving the poor kid for the bus driver to deal with him. An ambulance was summoned.

The lesson? Don't have open drinks in the cup holders while you visit the bus' restroom or accept drinks from strangers.

One didn't used to have to think about things like this.

Now we do.

Things have changed. A lot!

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