Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Robberies Are Increasing

Police in Guanajuato reveal they are receiving 20 reports of theft per week. Homes and businesses are the main targets for these break-ins when the home owners leave for work or businesses close for the day.

Statistically, however, most of the invasions are daytime events. The most common item taken are the butane gas tanks used to fuel the cooking and hot water in the homes.



Crimes and misdemeanors: Staying safe in San Miguel
Is SMA still safe, or falling prey to drug dealers and thugs?

By Anne Nicolai
August 11, 2009

Knowledge is power: Spanish-speaking residents are safer

Across the board, every official interviewed for this article agreed that one of the best ways for foreigners to provide for our personal safety is to learn the language of the country that we’re living in. They point out that Spanish speakers have an easier time getting to know their neighbors and the local police. Knowing the language also helps when calling for help or reporting a crime.

In fact, the author’s calls to the various emergency telephone numbers prove this point: on two different days, at two different times of day,...there were no English-speaking operators.

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