Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dos Rios Crime Alert

It seems a lot of Gringos who come to vacation in Guanajuato are staying more and more in the San Javier barrio during their visits. There are several hotels here and while it is a fair distance from the El Centro or downtown area, it would appear the more fit Gringos don't mind the walk. I suppose the "charm factor" comes into play in wanting to walk through and experience a bit of the local cultural color.

To walk downtown and back from the hotels (the good ones) one has to pass through this area called "Dos Rios." Lately, the local newspaper has been reporting gang violence happening in the callejons (alleys) around the Dos Rios area.

The gang known as "Pollos Negros" (Black Chickens) have been identified as the main culprits tormenting the neighbors in the la Paila callejon.

As you are walking downtown and when you reach the Dos Rios section of the street, look to the right and you will see a convenience store, much like a 7-11, called "Extra." That is where the callejon is where the violence takes place.

The Guanajuato newspaper, El Correo report three incidents where the police were called to break up fights or investigate robberies.

June 23rd - Students returning home in the La Paila at about 10:30PM found their house broken into and with most of their appliances stolen.

June 25th - A police officer was attacked in the la Paila callejon when called there to break up a fight.

June 26th - Another incident of breaking up a fight but on a much larger scale and more police were injuried.

So, if you are like most Gringos who want to be out after dark and walk back to your hotel, maybe you should consider getting a cab.

For reasons I cannot possibly begin to explain, much less comprehend, Gringo routinely engage in risky behavior in Mexico they wouldn't dream of doing back home. like walking to their hotels at two in the morning!

Take a cab so your vacation doesn't get ruined.


If you are coming to Guanajuato to check out the possibility of living here, you've got to realize a scary fact. The Gringos who live here operate businesses with you in mind. For example, real estate investment and rental properties. They resent, most vociferously, what I have said in today's blog and whatever I write in my books, articles, and blogs. They would rather I not tell the truth about living in Guanajuato because they suffer this delusion that what I say is robbing them of business. They would rather you suffer harm than be informed what areas to avoid. They think to tell you of the new reports is driving business away from their filth lucre endeavors.

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