Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crime in Guanajuato...Yes, It' Here Folks!

If you go to this link, click here, you will find a litany of posts answering someone on this forum as to the safety of Guanajuato.

Now, if you will read below, you will find the facts as to how safe it is in Guanajuato:

1) Correo (Guanajuato) 4-15-10

Four more members of La Familia Arrested

Guanajuato - In less than one month the State Police of Guanajuato have arrested 20 people affiliated with La Familia Michoacána. Most recently, State Police detained four people, (two of whom were women), for murder, kidnapping and vehicle theft.

Of the 20 members of La Familia, who were captured, 2 were juveniles, 3 women and a former policeman in San Miguel de Allende. Also among those captured was the driver of a vehicle who fled at high speed and who was in the possession of a .380 caliber pistol. (SOURCE)

2) The State of Guanajuato is third in the nation for highway robberies of tractor-trailer trucks. -- (SOURCE)

3) NBC's Dateline Report on San Miguel de Allende Kidnappings- -- (SOURCE)

4) Guanajuato Kidnappings: " 2008, in Guanajuato were 14 illegal deprivation of liberty, in 2009, the figure rose by 500 percent, committed 70 kidnappings in the state." (SOURCE)

5) GUANAJUATO -- Crimes such as household burglary and vehicle in the capital have doubled over the past year, this surge began from the second half of 2009. Unlike the first six months of that year, the crime rate was increased by 27 percent. (SOURCE)

Here is the point I want to make: Tourists or Gringolandians who do not live in the culture and most certainly have no Spanish skills whatsoever, will make comments about the safety of Guanajuato (or where ever in Mexico) when they have no idea whatsoever what they are talking about.

In fact, they come here I suppose wanting so badly to find a place that isn't as dangerous as America that they will act out in reckless behaviors when coming to Guanajuato. They will go walking in the late hours of the night expecting nothing to happen. Sometimes, things happen.

I have written of these event extensively in this blog.

But, what kills me is that the so-called expats (Gringolandians) and especially tourists really have no idea what they are saying when they make comments about the safety of Guanajuato. I mean, how can they know unless they can read the Mexican news sources that quote the stats and stories.



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