Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex -- Invasion

It was a dark and potentially stormy night. In the quickly fading dusk sky I could see the lightening filled clouds trying to dump their load of water on the dry and dusty earth. Then I saw them.

The wife was on the desktop, her usual evening perch and I was on the couch, feet elevated, and the laptop in my, well, lap. A small gnat landed on my screen. With my right hand I reached for the annoyance plucking it off the letter it was obstructing. Holding the winged varmint securely, I reached for a tissue with my left hand. That's when I saw them, all of them.

The living room wall in front of me was moving with black undulating waves of gnats. In some spots on the wall there was no wall, just black, buzzing bugs.

Almost instantly a black, vibrating ball or cloud of them formed. It was like being in the middle of an ancient Egyptian plague. Where was Moses when we needed him.

Armed with fly swatters, we tried to absolutely no avail to kill them. The wrestled are armaments from us. We sprayed but they laughed in little bug-like maniacal voices. I plugged in the Super-Subsonic bug zapper that is suppose to drive them mad. They just danced in circles laughing all the more maniacally just taunting us.

Nothing worked. The condition worsened. We ran.

Thankfully, the neighbor woman, a Guatemaltecan, was home and it was there we took a sobbing refuge. Through delicious cheeses, fresh, soft pastries, chips and dips, we recounted our bug battles with these biting demons.

She is a chemical engineer who has lived in the apartment across the rooftop apartment for two years. She listened attentively with lots of expletives interjected in between our sobs. She did come to the apartment to see the phenomenon and commented how she had never seen such a buggy event.

Apparently, it is the "time of the year" for these vile creatures to invade your house. You must have screens to leave the windows open. We had the front door open for ventilation and that was out mistake.

Well, the wife suggested we turn off all the lights and open the door and the bugs might fly outside to the street lights. It worked

We also invested in a bug spray that lasts for up to one month.

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