Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guanajauato, Mex -- Prophetic

I have been saying for three years now that this sort of thing would start to happen and it is (click here for story).

Canadian couple travelling in Mexico terrorized by armed bandits, vehicles stolen

Sun Apr 11, 9:48 PM

By Ciara Byrne, The Canadian Press

A Canadian couple held up by more than a dozen armed bandits while travelling through Mexico said the frightening experience was exacerbated by facing days of bureaucratic hurdles.

"Two minutes of terrorism and twelve days of legal terrorism," said a weary Jack Vander Byl from his home in Portland, Ont. in eastern Ontario.

If you click on the link above you can read the entire nightmarish saga of what is sure to happen in ever increasing frequency in Mexico.

It seems like the old days in the 70's and early 80's when highway robbery was so feared that no one would dare drive in Mexico. Well, if this story is any indication of what it is to come (and I predict it is), then thoe days are back.


Crimes and misdemeanors: Staying safe in San Miguel
Is SMA still safe, or falling prey to drug dealers and thugs?

By Anne Nicolai
August 11, 2009

Knowledge is power: Spanish-speaking residents are safer

Across the board, every official interviewed for this article agreed that one of the best ways for foreigners to provide for our personal safety is to learn the language of the country that we’re living in. They point out that Spanish speakers have an easier time getting to know their neighbors and the local police. Knowing the language also helps when calling for help or reporting a crime.

In fact, the author’s calls to the various emergency telephone numbers prove this point: on two different days, at two different times of day,...there were no English-speaking operators.

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