Saturday, March 6, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Like Mindedness

I often wonder what Gringos would rather hear, the truth about living in Mexico, or a lie? I can tell the lie. I have read enough of the website where their authors have something to sell to know what it is that sells. I know the lingo:

"Mexico is your haven, the Nirvana you've been looking for all your life. Leave the crime ridden United States and move into your Shangri-La, your Land of Milk and Honey, your heaven on Earth with there is no crime and Mexicans know how to treat their fellow man better. All the good guys wear white hats and always prevail over evil."

Or, perhaps you will want to know the truth:

"Mexico is just a place. It is a country with a vast and deeply significant history and culture worth the Gringo's lifetime study. It is a country struggling with horrible crime problems and out-of-date attitudes toward Gringos, attitudes mired in provincial myths and lies. It is a place where certain culture behaviors toward Gringos can make it difficult to live. And the crime and prices rise in proportion to the increase of Gringos in their enclaves (Gringolandia)."

Which do you want to hear?

I cannot predict what you the individual reader would pick, but I do know that you will not hear the truth from the vast majority of websites with travel services or real estate sites with house to sell.

Nor will you likely hear of how the Gringo enclaves (Gringolandians) form something very similar to what you will read in THE LORD OF THE FLIES. Out from the control of American law, incapable of reading and understanding Mexican law, they form their own little community rules and means of enforcement. They "deal with" those who come into their group and force compliance or force them out.

For an interesting comparison read this site about Costa Rica and what has been going on in that central American country, It is very much like what I have been writing about Mexico's Gringolandians. It is wort a read. (Note the used of the word, "perfect" and "haven" describing living in CR.)

In the meantime, I ask again, which do you want to know? The truth or something sheer make believe?



2. A WALK THROUGH MEXICO'S CROWN JEWEL - A Guanajuato Travelogue


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