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Guanajuato, Mexico - A Great Mystery

A "Who's Who of American Writers", Journalist and Author, Fellow and Diplomate of the International Editor's Association, Cy Bolinger read one of my books and here is what he had to say:
Having just finished Cindi and Doug Bower’s book, “Guanajuato, Mexico…” I can sense their depth-ridden, sincere admiration for the city of Guanajuato –coupled with good writing and well described personal reflections. As a published writer and journalist myself, it was refreshing for a change to read truthful ruminations and not “boiler plate” about the country of Mexico and its central area state and city of Guanajuato. So many writers about Mexico, Central America and South America are motivated by the prospects of having their palms greased by crass American developers, “service people” and various hucksters who charge exorbitant fees to weasel American “expat relocation services” and tours. I have experienced a number of popular web-site blogs who sell their lists for gain. I have found many books and articles loaded with outright lies and contradictions, written by so called “experts”, particularly about Mexico and Costa Rica. Finding the truth is a monumental chore. Cindi and Doug Bower are proof that living in another country can be quite rewarding within the boundaries of that country’s language and culture. Also, the Bowers have pointed out how ugly Americans, with their SUVs, trips to gigantic malls and utter crassness are trying to force the supercilious “American dream” on citizens of a country that has an ancient culture of tradition, elegance and values. Bravo Cindi and Doug! - Source
The reason I bring up this little bit of praise from a renown writer and editor is not so that I can receive more accolades. It is to present a great and mind-boggling mystery that though I have written about years ago, I still haven't solved what is to me and what has to be an existential puzzle of mammoth proportions.

Here is a guy who most certainly has the credentials judging a piece of my work as recommendable. The book to which Mr. Bolinger refers to in his review, Guanajuato, Mexico: Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in the Land of Frogs came out in 2006 with Brownwalker Press. This is a for fee, print-on-demand outfit that, I should add, offered me a traditional contract for this manuscript-this is NOT self-published book.

Another fellow of a not-too-small journalistic stature wrote a review of this book too.

Bruce Drake (Formerly of NPR News) (Washington, DC) wrote this:

Highly Recommend , September 8, 2006

As someone who has visited Mexico several times as I struggle with my study of Spanish, and who is thinking of moving there, I found this book to be far superior to the general run of guides on the expatriate life or retiring in Mexico. Some of the others of this genre just lack the ring of authenticity, or seemed to be aimed at people with a lot of bucks who are headed for a gated community or an expensive house in Cabo San Lucas. But the Bowers' book has that ring of authenticity and is squarely aimed at the (for lack of a better cliche) "average Joe" who is looking for a life that is different and/or better and needs down-to-earth practical advice on how an American can make this transition.

To date myself, the Bowers' reporting reminds me of the usefulness of a Travel Forum I used to frequent on one of the pioneer online services, CompuServe, where I got the best travel ideas and advice ever from the many participants who gave their firsthand reports, and to whom you could pose the kinds of questions that you don't see answered in newspaper travel sections or guidebooks.

The Bowers live in Guanjauato which is not far from where I always visit, which is a too-Americanized well known town that they don't quite approve of, San Miguel de Allende. [...]

So, if this is the kind of information you are looking for, buy this book as well as the Bowers' book on Guanajuato.

And yet, here is a so-called review from someone on about my book:
80% the author hates the US vs. 20% information about living in Mexico,
January 18, 2010
If you want to see this gomer's entire comment go to

So, I hate America?

Let me tell you what I wrote and to which these "Doug hates America" naysayers refer.

, I refer to American products being advertised on Mexican television and the effect these morally relativistic themed television commercials have on Mexican youth.

One is an ad for a Chevrolet car. It has this guy getting into the driver's side with his date on the passenger side. He takes off with this music playing with lyrics:

"I want to slide up your leg, cause I love the way that you feel..."

The guy, the driver, is actually shown with his hand on his date's scantily clad leg and he is sliding it toward the female's crotch.

Now tell me if I am wrong, but what does that scene have to do with selling and buying a car?
And, would you want your kids to see a commercial like that on the commercial break from Sesame Street or The Powerpuff Girls?

I suggested in the book that this is America business fostering its moral relativism upon another culture through television.

I mentioned even more examples some of which show kids committing criminal acts and getting by with it, laughing all the while.

And yet, go to my book's pages on and see how many personal attacks I have taken from these moral relativists from America who think I hate America.

I don't hate America.

I hate those claiming to be Americans and yet defend the filth that has taken American kids down a slippery road of moral decay and how through cultural imperialism, American business is trying to do the same thing in Mexico.



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