Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico - Do You Really Want to Know?

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I decided I am going to survey mental health professionals regarding the issue of why Gringos move to Mexico, become Gringolandians, and then live according to this idea that they've arrived in Heaven on Earth, Shangri-La, and Nirvana where nothing bad can possibly dwell. If I can get responses I will let you know the results.

There has got to be some psychiatric thing going on when such masses of Gringos move here and do not want to hear that Guanajuatenses walk down a sidewalk like someone is chasing them. They will push past you and if necessary, to get by you, will push you out of their way.

One woman, years ago, came barreling out of a store on Sangre de Cristo and pushed my wife into the street. I hear my wife scream,. When I whipped around, she was in the street trying to get to her feet. The green-sweatered woman stopped a nano second, then took off on her way.

We were so shaken we stopped into a store where our friend from Chihuahua City worked and told her what happened to my wife. After a slew of Spanish expletives, she told us she had encountered the same behavior from the city citizens. She went on to explain how she had no friends other than transplant Mexicans from other parts of the country.

You see, she explained to us that her accent, and others with different regional accents, are immediately recognizable as NOT from Guanajuato. And, to repeat the words of another Mexicana, "Unless you are at least from three generations of Guanajuatenses, you are not accepted here."

Why don't Gringolandians want to hear this stuff?

Because, "It is negative," I can hear the chorus roar of the collective.

Negative or positive is relative. It is relative and can be as varied as there are persons to perceive it as so. Mental filters are everything.

One person wants to know the truth I write while another (Right, Mr. Bill?) will call it all made up. A lie.

I want to know why they do this. Why am I reviewed as a good write by writers and editors who are credible journalists while others tell me I am a "Fourth rate talentless hack...". Why?



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