Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Vindications Feel Good

When I began writing my books and articles on expatriation issues to Mexico in 2005, and spent weeks traveling to San Miguel de Allende to interview both Gringos and Mexicans, the one thing I deeply regret is not using names--sourccs--in the subsequent articles and books.

I reasoned that I could get more intimate details if I assured the interviewees that I would NOT use their names. Indeed, I got information I didn't think possible from both groups. I had Mexicans tell me what they really thought about their Gringo invaders and how it had changed so radically their home.

I also got info from gringos, not Gringolandians, who were burdened with caring for culture but who were overwhelmed by the wealth of the Gringolandians and could not seem to make a difference in trying to help preserve Mexican patrimony.

The most astounding thing to me was the gringos who spoke to me with fear and trembling when speaking about how the Gringolandians were changing San Miguel de Allende, how they were destroying culture for the almighty dollar. These gringos, true expats, feared reprisal from Gringolandians for speaking the truth.

And, what is the truth? What is the truth about San Miguel de Allende?

The truth about San Miguel de Allende is that not all is as it seems in Gringolandia.

In Anne Nicolai's excellent article, Crimes and misdemeanors: Staying safe in San Miguel Is SMA still safe, or falling prey to drug dealers and thugs?, a brave and daring examination is presented of the truth of crime in San Miguel de Allende, the degree of problems, and how the truth is too often covered up by those with financial interests to protect.

Nicolai reports:

San Miguel de Allende often is portrayed with a utopian slant by the boosterish English-language media, which is to be expected in a city whose economic health depends on tourism. Too much bad news and the tourists won’t come. Besides, advertisers don’t want their messages placed next to stories about muggings, break-ins, drug busts and murders.
I made this point years ago that San Miguel de Allende, and now Guanajuato, is portrayed as a sinless nirvana where the vile filth of the rest of the world cannot possibly exist in these central Mexican heavens of Earth.

Those who control the flow of information, "the boosterish English-language media" and "advertisers," are those who hide the truth of how safe the city actually is with money as the motivating factor.

Protecting their money roll is why, I believe, I was threatened with harm June 4th, 2007.

To make the point that there is an exact correlation between the rich gringos, who get richer selling real estate to more and more gringos, and the crime rate would never be made. Ever.

To hell with telling the truth. It is too inconvenient and besides, he who controls the means of disseminating the truth, the media, controls what is said and what is not said.

Not citing my sources may have distracted from my credibility a bit, but Anne Nicolai's article has gone where I previously feared to tread. Read it. She says mostly the same things I've been saying since 2005.

It's vindication, for sure.


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