Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Cleaning Up The Act

Rarely do I get to report an improvement in some of the worst things about culture I report on in Mexico. For example, supermarkets.

If you will recall, I reported on how in Supermarkets there seems to be this tendency to "eat first to see if they like it, then maybe buy it." The place where they have the greatest temptation is in the Supermarkets with special displays.

Special displays are where some deli type dishes, cut-up hot dogs floating in the most vilest, hot sauce you can possibly imagine, sits on a table in a metal serving pan. If one wants some, they serve some up, sometimes by themselves, into a plastic container, take it to the deli counter to be weighed, you take it home to poison your family by serving it at dinner.

What happens in reality is that women with their children, college students, and old men walk by the table and scoop up globs of this stuff and eat it like barbaric cave people. (I swear this is true.)

Today, things changed.

There were several specialty tables today. There was the hot dog table with the venomous hot sauce dogs, floating in their industrial strength paint remover, along with other hot dog salads that didn't look half bad.

The metal serving pans were wrapped tighter than Fort Knox to prevent pilfering. Small amounts of the foods were served in little Styrofoam plates and skewed with toothpicks for the public's sampling delight. Not only were the serving pans wrapped up tightly that would have required the would be food thief to be less than subtle to break into, there were burly Mexican men (I assumed employees) standing guard over the whole shebang.

Well, I for one, was thrilled beyond my ability to express myself which is a rarity in itself.

I watched for some minutes several woman who hovered over one hot dog salad dish where the toothpicked samples had run out. They just glared at the employee who would gladly have spooned out a generous dish of the item to take home and feed their hungry brood. But they just stared at him as if they were waiting for him to turn his back for a brief moment to their move.

So, you see, I do not just criticize as some Gringolandians think but observe and report change when I am able to see it hit me in the face, like today.

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