Monday, January 18, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- The Weather is Nice

The weather has finally decided to behave. For weeks it is been the coldest winter of our expat career with temps at an all time low. Having come from the frozen state of Kansas you would think this would have not bothered us. However, we acclimated to the Guanajuato climate years ago.

In years past, it would be "chilly" for a couple of days in January with Spring coming in February. Very mild winter weather.

This year GTO suffered with the rest of the world this mini-ice age. Some areas in the state of Guanajuato saw snow according to the TV news.

Today it is in the low sixties. We got out for the first time in days and walked to the Super. We messed around for a couple of hours then made our way back via taxi. As I write these words, the front door is open, we opened two windows, and it is nice.

How long this nice change will last I do not know.

Locals, the old-timers, tell me they cannot recall the last it was this bad. We know of a village in the state where some of the houses have sheets for windows and doors. How they survived I have yet to find out.

I will keep you informed.

Stay warm!


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