Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- More Cultural Imperialism

Years ago some guy from the States who read a book or article of mine wrote me telling me I should "stop bitching" about the globalization of Mexico. It was inevitable so, he counseled, I should shut my pie hole.

Well, I've never written about globalization. The article or book chapter he was responding to was about Cultural Imperialism.

What is so difficult for me to understand is why this guy could not, or would not, see the difference between the two?

Could it be that the American is so ingrained with the idea of conquering another country that they simply cannot see that there exists a moral and ethical problem in sweeping into another country and demanding, first of all, that English be spoken to them in someone else's country?

Not once has anyone of my Gringolandian nemesis answered this challenge:

Why do you insist the Mexican who moves to the United States speak English but when you, the Gringolandian moves to Mexico, you not only refuse to learn Spanish, but insist that the Mexican in their own country learn and speak English to you?

Why won't you answer this, Gringolandians?

I mean really, those of you who read this blog, don't you find this curiously hypocritical that Americans will do a war dance over foreigners who come to the States and not speak English, yet Americans will boldly go where they are barely wanted by the locals and demand everyone around them be fluent in English?

Isn't that a bit screwy?

And yet, it is going on even as I write these words in Guanajuato. A repetition of what has happened all over Mexico in the establishment of Gringolandians and their Cultural Imperialistic practices.

But, they will not say why they do it.

They will not offer an apologetic for their blatant hyprocrisy.

Not one word.

Frustratingly, learning Spanish is not a heroic academic feat of your intellectual prowess. That is possibly why so many fail to even begin the process of second language acquisition. They think it is like learning law, medicine, or physics.

It is not that way at all.

You need the proper instruction on HOW to acquire speech in another language.

Trying to learn it from a text book will NEVER work. The science does not support that erroneous approach at all.


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