Monday, January 11, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- We Escaped Today

We actually left the house today. It warmed up into the lower sixties making it possible for me to leave our place without basically dying. It isn't that I would completely die, just mostly die from the cold. Muscles would cramp, I would convulse, and down I would fall.

I survived today, no cramping, the convulsing, no falling.

Let me say this: In light of the fact that anyone, no matter their age or pissy disposition, can learn Spanish and learn it well, I simply cannot comprehend how, much less the why, Gringos move to Mexico without learning the language. I mean, how do they get by at all?

But, moving on.

When moving to Mexico, it is important to get out and walk the streets of your new town. You've got to make your presence known to the locals. You do this by meandering up and down the main drag and sooner or later someone, anyone at all, will eventually walk boldly up to you and ask where you are from.

You make contacts this way that will indirectly lead you to cheaper living.


The locals know where the cheaper stuff is which includes rental housing.

However, this means you have to learn Spanish and learn it well.


We got out today. The cold subsided and off we went exploring our new little community. We found the lavandaria--laundry mat--and some other important things.

While resting on a bench, sure enough, a man, a spry 86 year old, approached us to have a chat. He had lived in the States and simply wanted to introduce himself.

Sometimes, they will do this and afterward announce that since you both are good friends would you please fork over all of your money.

He didn't ask for money. All he seemed to want is our handshake.

Once, in the Aguascalientes' bus station, this young man struck up a conversation with me in English. We talked half in Spanish and half in English. Afterward he asked for $200.00 pesos as his fee for being friendly to me. Go figure.

But, this elder man who, by the way, looked twenty years or more younger that 86.



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