Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico - Still Cold

The weather is still horrific. In the past seven years living in Guanajuato we can only recall one other winter that was as bad as this year's.

If you have an illness that bothers you due to cold weather, as I do, this would be a suffering winter. I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome. The cold seems to torture me to no end. My muscles quiver until I have massive cramping. Then the feet. Dios Mio, the feet hurt. I can't walk well at all and my wife has to do major home nursing care.

When the warm weather finally comes, Oh God let it come, the muscle cramps stop, the feet feel normal, and I can walk unhindered.

I just wonder how handicapped gringos make it here.

The other day my wife read to me a online forum post by an American woman who was coming to vacation in San Miguel de Allende and is wheelchair bound. She had to find a hotel with one level or an elevator.

Good luck.

I wonder if it is just ignorance and/or this American expectation that all of Mexico is one gigantic resort.

I really think they must believe this.

They somehow make their way to central Mexico, the Mexican highlands, and are shocked not to find English widely spoken, no elevators in EVERY hotel, no handicap ramps, no one to cater to their each and every whim.

Guanajuato for example has been traditionally a Mexican vacation spot. It is NOT an American designed resort. it isn't even a Mexican designed resort. It is just a place with a high degree of Mexican historical significance. There are no parades, no shows, no American celebrities playing the trumpet at some nightclub, there is nothing designed to appeal to and draw in the Gringos.

I fear this will change, someday. But for now it is just a central Mexican town trying to catch up with the rest of the moder world.

San Miguel de Allende is designed for Americans and Canadians. It is one big Disneyland adventure. One lady who now lives in SMA said living there is like living on a Cruise Ship with Gringo activities planned each and every day. Never, she said, is she bored.

Guanajuato? Just a Mexican town.

I hope it stays that way.


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