Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Supermarket Antics

I have tried figuring out for years now just why the good people of Guanajuato seem to think that a Supermarket, and there are two of them so far in town, is a place for grazing.

This is what they seem to think, so I have manged to surmise, as they walk through the Supermarkets here tearing open packages of ready to eat items, open drinkable yogurt containers and down them at the speed of light, and grotesquely grab huge globs of deli foods from the serving pan with their filthy hands and eat at will!

Today I saw a table of smoked turkey. There were packaged smoked turkey legs and breasts with a tasty looking glaze that I wanted very much to try. Sitting among these smoke turkey parts wrapped in a clear plastic wrap was a long metal serving tray you see on buffets. Beside the serving pan or tray were plastic cups with lids for you to scoop up the chopped smoked turkey within and then you take it to the deli counter for pricing. There were serving spoons in the pans.

Well...there was a line a mile long of filthy handed Mexican women and children who were scooping up handfuls of the chopped smoked turkey and gobbling it down like they were starving animals.

I am sorry, but it seems awful barbaric that these folks do not seem to understand that someone has to pay for the food they are eating. But, apparently they do not get that at all.

These are some of the same ilk who walk through the store eating at will whatever it is they want. They will tear open packages of cookies, eating them as they funnel some into their offspring's throats, and when finished, they throw the empty package on a shelf and DO NOT PAY FOR IT.

I've seen college-aged students looking kids do this with drinkable yogurts. They don't pay for this stuff. They will flick the empty container to the tiled floor or put it on a shelf down some aisle.


I see Mexicans from all manner of socio-economic classes do this. I have seen women in business suits open a sack of grapes, eat about half of them, then put the bag back on the rack. So, it is not just trashy people doing this. They all seem to do it.

The lesson is never buy anything from the Supermarkets in Mexico that isn't frozen, prepackaged, or in a sealed box.

It is no wonder why so many people get infected with the flu when such barbaric attitudes exist here.



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