Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- No Bribes in Mexico

Gringolandians will, for the most part, tell you there is no Police Bribing in Mexico. Like the gomer in Puerto Vallarta who accused a poster of lying for telling how he's had to bribe himself out of multiple situations. The PV gomer said that it is "flatly untrue," then called the other guy a "fear mongerer."

I prefer facts. Gringolandians can't offer you facts because just as in States, these little Americas (Gringolandians) are full of monolinguals.

PAN Senator Humberto Andrade said there is the need for a house cleaning of the police organizations at ALL levels, because the infiltration of corruption within the police forces throughout the country, is at alarming levels, and the degree of involvement in corruption by the authorities is fearsome.

I choose to believe one of Mexico's legislators over Gringolandians who could not read a word of Spanish much less speak it if their life depended upon it.

I just wonder if the Gringolandians would abandon their relativistic thinking, their Magical Thinking, if they would bother to read the facts in Spanish.

Probably not.



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