Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Moving Day

I know this post is going to bring tears of joy and merriment to some, if not all, Gringolandians who read this blog.

And, for reasons totally unknown, but highly suspected, the Gringolandians who have dubbed me, "THE MOST HATED GRINGO IN THE WORLD," nonsensically read this blog, will be glad to know:


(How do you like that Mr. Bill?)

However, do not think for one moment that the death threats and wishes have driven us from Mexico. Oh no, it has not.

We will still be in Mexico, somewhere, writing about the never ending saga of Gringolandia (Lord of the Flies?) and its infiltration of Guanajuato.

On the internet forums there is always the question of which place will become the next San Miguel de Allende--The Gringo Infection.

Well folks, the city of Guanajuato is the next San Miguel.

So, I dedicate this blog, the final one for a couple of weeks, to Gringolandians everywhere who labored so diligently wishing for the end of my life.

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