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Notes From South of the Border

My Thoughts, My Opinions, My Editorializing on My Life in Central Mexico

All Rights Reserved @ 2008 by Douglas W. Bower

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Printed in U.S.A.

ISBN: 978-1-4357-0936-2

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Chapter 2


A typical day in the life of an American expat living in Mexico will include trying to find drinking water. This might surprise you but not everyone knows that you cannot “drink the water in Mexico”. This refers to the fact that you cannot drink the tap water in Mexico. Probably every American adult already knows that you cannot drink the tap water. But does the typical American adult know just how one obtains drinking water in Mexico?

In a word: bottles.

The day in and day out routine in Mexico to obtain the liquid of life, that which is absolutely essential for survival, is that you must have bottled water. To meet this need, two companies where I live, Guanajuato, have sprung into being. To say that they are in competition with one another for customers, competition as Americans would define competition, would be a misnomer. That is to say, I think so... READ MORE

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