Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where Have You Been?

My last post, shamefully, was on July 2012. Though I promised to post at least weekly, I have been a miserable failure. Sigh.

I don't know why, exactly, it has been so hard to find the time to post. Could it be my attention is diverted to a seemingly endless list of other things I have to do? My classes for my doctorate seem eternal, I am on a quest to take control of my health (I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes-Oh joy!), and trying to fit some semblance of exercising into my daily routine (ha!) all conspire to tell me I do not have time (the energy?) to blog.

Yet, there have been plenty of stuff about which to blog. Well...not really (more sighing!). I am simply not on the streets as often as I used to be since moving out into the boondocks and also since we ride the bus even more to get to where we need to go. In this place, if you are on the streets and in the small out-of-the.way places you get to see a glimpse of Mexican behavior that sticking just to the tourist traps will never reveal.

This is really the root of all the writing I have done over the years. You don't see "real Mexico" by staying in hotels in El Centro, nor if you hang out in the place that coddle the Gringos. It is also, I cautiously say, the root of all the criticism that have been heaped my way like so much doggie caca by the Gringos (Gringos = Gringolandians); criticism in which the Lord of the Flies ( Lord of the Flies = Gringolandians Mafioso, Mexican Branch) accuse you of fabricating everything in your prose from start to finish.

These are people who, I suppose, forgot how to walk, and drive everywhere in Guanajuato. They send their maids to shop and for all practically purposes never "mix" with anyone but their fellow flies. This might be mainly because most, not all, cannot string enough words in Spanish to form a complete sentence, and that they like "being with their own kind." (A Gringo lady, and a prominent one I might add, told this to me years ago.)

Just how, if they cannot communicate in the language, know anything about anyone in the country in which they have invaded (infected)?

Again, I sigh.

Anyway, more next week (I hope).

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