Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Siamese Terror(ist)

Siamese cats can be one of sweetest breeds until you have to demand something of  them like take a worming pill or a vaccination. Or, for that matter, to get into a crate and ride to the vet without plotting and implementing that plot to escape and perhaps kill you in a mindless  fit of Siamese cat rage.

It is de-worming and vaccination time once again in our household.

So, we had to create a carefully constructed strategy to trick this sleek but sharp toothed and clawed creature into the crate and then walk him one block away to the vet clinic. Thank God a taxi ride was not required since we had no idea what the cat had planned as our punishment for taking him to the vet.

Our plan was to put some wet food on a plate and lure him into the crate. On  the count of three I scooped him up from the bed while the wife waved a small portion of Salmon flavored stench under the cat's open and growling maw. This distracted him enough to forget killing me and we actually got him into the crate and off we went.

But, a pause in the action for a bit of back story.

Two days prior to this was our first attempt at getting him to the vet's. I got his more than five kilo body into a weak and worthless crate that popped open right in front of the vet clinic with the cat hightailing it for the hills. He took off with a tail only a Fuller Brush distributor would be proud of, and disappeared  over a wall and was gone.

We walked rapidly back to our house only to find the cat already upstairs and on a bed and acting as though nothing had transpired. I had to wonder if this was the same cat and not a stunt double.

I wasn't mad or even the slightest bit upset: I WAS ASTONISHED.

Back to the present: The plate of cat food lure worked and we got him to the clinic. The vet, apologizing profusely, had the worming pill but not the vaccinations.


We will have to wait for a phone call and then come up with a new plan to trick the cat into letting us take him back to the vet for his rabies vaccine with a minimum of collateral damage.

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