Wednesday, August 18, 2010

San Miguel de Allende Crime

Now I don't live in SMA but I've written plenty about that Gringolandia and for my efforts have often had their Gringo community actually threaten my life. They take huge umbrage against anyone even suggesting that their little enclave is anything other than a "Heaven on Earth."

The Gringos in Guanajuato, where we live, are pretty much on the same delusional track as the SMA Gringos. They will plot your demise, and try to carry out their threats, should you cross them with the truth.

Here is a quote from an Internet forum that my wife found for me. It speaks to the false sense of security Gringolandians live with in Mexico's Gringolandians.

Walled property does not guarantee safety

My friend and art teacher here in San Miguel let her walls give her a false
sense of security. She was brutally beaten with a wrench and sexually
assaulted, ending up in hospital. In a robbery attempt gone wrong he entered
her unlocked door at 7:30 am while she was still in bed. She was not raped, but
could have been or worse, killed. Once when I locked myself out I asked one of
the workmen to borrow a ladder and open remote garage door for me, where I had
an extra set of keys hidden in the garden. He scaled the stoned walls like a
monkey in a few seconds, anchoring his feet on the protusions in the stones. I
have two dogs, but am thinking of a third. Unfortunately large glass sliding
doors don't allow for screens so during the day I keep mine open for the cross
breezes. My friend does not live in a gated community that's patrolled like
mine, still even that does not call for extra caution. I keep my car keys
bedside because they have a panic button. One of my dogs would go for the
jugular. It's my feeling that any woman - or couple living in Mexico should have
a good guard dog.

Linda W.
Source: Comadres Forum

I am telling you that so entrenched is the the Lord of the Flies delusion in Gringolandia that they will read this quote and accuse me of making it up, lying.

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