Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico - Tourist Robbed

A twenty-two year-old Oriental woman was robbed at 7:15 PM, Monday, 7/5/10, while walking down a callejon from the Pipila when she was set upon by three men. The victim reported to police that the men violently relived her of her laptop, a bag with personal items, cameras, money, and her personal documents.

Though the poor woman reported it to police, there will be nothing significantly accomplished in finding her assailants. She is a tourist with a limited time in the city. Unless she is fabulously wealthy and would gladly return to GTO in the unlikely event someone locates her attackers, there will nothing much done in some sort of investigation. The police know that, the tourist doesn't, and what do you want to bet the thieves do.

If caught, the thugs know the tourist will be unlikely to return just to testify against them in a trial.

The girl was walking alone.

When will they learn?

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