Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gringolandian's Head in the Sand

I have pointed out to my readers that trying to get accurate info from Gringo Websites about moving to Mexico can be a bittersweet experience. Most of them are sites run by Gringos with something to sell the potential expat. Real Estate to sell or rent is a biggie. On their sites they are going to paint the rosiest picture of life in Mexico and at the cost of truth itself.

The truth about life in Mexico is not going to be told on these sites. They are going to say, and quite often literally using these very words, "It is heaven on Earth living here..."

They really say that. I have read it too often for it be a coincidence.

Well. they have a bias.

I am not the only one telling the truth about life in Mexico. The very sad truth is that the violence is getting worse and worse. The Gringos try compensating by suggesting, and erroneously so, that the violence is all limited to the border regions. This is not so. Evidenced by the recent warnings issued by the U.S. Embassy about the Guadalajara area's safety deteriorating would seem to obliterate that Gringolandian assumption.

Why Gringolandians cannot come to grips with the truth that Mexico is changing rapidly because of organized crime they so at their own peril.

One of the forums you should avoid since you will not get accurate info from it is the Yahoo group, "Comadres." I have had a battle or two with this moderator in the past.

(Sandy Kramer group owner and moderator)

Apparently, as I have recently learned, she too is just as biased as can be regarding telling the truth about living in Mexico.

I believe the group was originated as a venue for selling real estate. It was not created to tell the truth about living in Mexico. She, the moderator, is a censor. Truth be damned, the positive image must be maintained so as to attract unsuspecting Gringos, lure them like a spider lures a fly into its web of deceit, into buying the houses they have to sell.

It disgusts me that selling real estate is far more important that telling the truth. They would rather have their filthy lucre than be known as someone who puts morals and values--truth telling--about making money. You becoming fully informed is not a priority. Truth does not matter.

Kramer is biased and would prefer in her recent censorship efforts to protect the image that Mexico is a "heaven on Earth" because to do otherwise would be to threaten her filthy lucre machine in Mexico.

Boycott the Yahoo Comadre Forum. It isn't honest.

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