Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crime in Mexican Schools

Now, remember that the Gringlandians in Mexico who have real estate to sell you are generally not going to tell you the truth when it comes to safety. They have a bias, you see, and will not let you know if the areas you are considering moving your family (and more young couples are coming here with kids for whom they are seeking school advice.) is safe. If they have a house in a crappy neighborhood to unload on you they will tell you it is safe.

That's why I do what I do.


In a survey conducted between the months of January and May, for the city of Guanajuato, of the 13 secondary schools and 22 of the 56 primary schools, student are victims of petty crime and alcohol consumption.

In both private and public schools, there are problems with robberies, gangs, vandalism, graffiti and physical assaults. And the main problem with dealing with these, and the drinking problem, is the apathy of the parents, the survey revealed.

The breakdown of the criminal conduct in the schools goes like this:

32% in primary schools; 38.5% in secondary schools -- there is theft of cell phones and money.

25.8% of crimes in the primary and 30.8% in secondary schools -- fighting

16.1% to 15.4% in secondary schools -- physical and verbal violence

9.7% of crime in primary -- vandalism

Alcohol Consumption

5.4% of primary school students had consumed a beer

53.8% of the 13 secondary schools -- consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The participants in the survey suggested, "...t
he neighborhoods where schools are located is also a triggering factor for antisocial behavior. "

I would suggest parental parenting techniques and strategies and peer pressure play a larger part, if not the major part, in this problem.

But, they didn't survey me.


Source: Periodico A.M.

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