Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Those Nutty Cab Drivers

I am convinced that one day we will die in a fiery taxi crash. They drive at the speed of light (or at least it seems) but have managed to get us, so far, to our destinations over the past 7 years. One day though.

What is rare for us is to encounter angry cab drivers who make us feel he might set upon us and perhaps beat us half to death. We encountered this just the other day.

I would venture to say that 99.999% of the cab drivers we've had have been exceptional. They ask us where we are from, how long we've lived in Mexico, and end up complimenting us on our Gringo command of Spanish. Some have even given us their home phone numbers and private cell phone number so that we can call them for personal attention in the future. We love Mexican cab drivers.

We were coming home from downtown when we encountered the cab driver from hell. He not only did not talk to us but took us to a part of town where we did NOT live and insisted that this strange and unfamiliar street was our home.

When I insisted that the place he was trying to deposit us was NOT our home, he went into a roaring rage. He even snapped around to face the back seat where my terrified wife sat as though he might slap her for chiming into the dilemma.

I thought I would have to fist fight him.

As suddenly as he launched into the rage he stopped and took us home.

Now, what does a Gringo do in a case like this?

The typical Gringo would try and filing a complaint with the cab company and police. What did I do?


I spoke with a Mexican friend who agreed that I should do nothing. The point was made in our conversation about the event that if I had complained ,some sort of censure surely would have ensued. But, the cab driver "knows where you live," my Mexican friend reminded me.

My Mexican friend was right.

Had I been Mexican with an extended family, discrete inquires would have been made, maybe a bit of money would have been exchanged for apologies, and the whole affair would have faded into obscurity with all parties satisfied.

It's how culture works here, like it or not, and Gringolandians never understand it.


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