Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex - Interesting News

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Here's a tip or two: There are areas of Guanajuato you should definitely avoid when coming to visit or checking it out to live.

1) Las Teresas - The sanitary condition are horrific according to residents of that barrio. The neglect of the area and the lack of protection of the environment has caused the place, says the residents, to become a giant rat's nest. The area, according to the neighbors, affected is the back of Calle San Francisco de la Barranca in Las Teresas. [Source]

2) Fight-Violent Zone - Another brawl at Cerro del Gallo ... This area of the city of Guanajuato has a very seedy reputation. Fights and other nefarious events are not unusual. What you have to watch out for is real estate people trying to sell or rent you a house or apartment in this area. They will routinely tell you this is an absolutely safe area to live and nothing ever happens here. That's why, dear tourist or expat, you need to arm yourself with enough Spanish to be able to ask locals about barrios the shysters are trying to convince you to move into.

I predict the onslaught of Gringos moving into Guanajuato will get snookered in a big way because of their inability to read and speak the language and "ask around." You've got to be able to do this to keep from getting ripped off.

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