Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex - HOT

Speaking of climate change: When we moved here in 2003, it was as you have no doubt read, "Spring Time" all year round.

Winters were extremely mild. We usually ran around in short pants and shirts until the middle of December. January was a bit chilled at night, when the sun went down, but very nice and mild during the day.

The warmth came back in February and everything returned to its usual lovable self.

January of 2010 was the most frigid and wet we've experienced. This is the hue and cry of the locals too. My best friend, Carlos, told me Jan 2010 was the coldest and wettest he could recall in his 45 years of life on Earth in Mexico. It was frigid, it was wet!

At this writing, it is May 2010 and is dangerously hot here. I tend to think all the cars pumping poison into the air has something to do with the abnormal heat but I have no proof, yet.

We left the house right after breakfast and headed to the bus stop. By the time we got downtown I felt in need of a pair of paramedics and a stretcher. We shopped in a hot store (no one except for Del Sol department store uses an air conditioner.), went to a hot pharmacy, jumped into a hot cab, came home to a hot house, and am sitting with a fan blowing hot air up my hot nose.

Tourist, of course, come to GTO during this time of the year not bothering to understand that GTO can be blistering hot, like now, or rain for days on end.

"God, let the rains come, I implore you!"

That will cool off thie hellish heat!

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