Friday, May 7, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex -- Driving Here

Remember when I quoted in a previous blog that the Gringolandians in Lake Chapala tell us how it is so safe there, no organized crime there, how it is "Heaven on Earth?" Check out this story:

Senior Chapala police officer gunned down on main drag

Jose Guadalupe Gollaz Mejia, second officer in command of the Chapala police department, was assassinated in broad daylight Wednesday, May 5, on Avenida Francisco Madero, the city’s main thoroughfare....Entire Article Here


Don't think for one moment that driving the Mexican toll roads offers any amount of special safety. You will read on online sites and blogs that have real estate to sell you that it is safe to take the toll roads here. Tell that to the couple the following happened to:

Joined:31-August 08
Posted Yesterday, 11:47 AM

"My wife and I were carjacked on the cuota (toll road) last Thursday at 9:00 am, 4 kilometers north on the Mazatlan Policia Federal Preventiva headquarters. We were surrounded and then stopped by three trucks and a car. Five gunman made sure that we behaved ourselves.

We were hauled from the truck, put face down on the road with guns to our heads. The truck, our belongings and worst of all our three rescue dogs were gone in an instant. A very well rehearsed, well executed "take down" taking no longer than two minutes to complete.

Reporting the incident to the PFP shortly thereafter their only response was that there had been a number of similar occurances over the past while (newer trucks being the preferred targets).

The Canadian Consulate offered us immediate assistance providing emotional support, meals and accomodation and arranging for the first available flight to Vancouver. Don't think for a moment that you are safe on the cuota - day or night, be vigilant, keep an eye on your rear view mirror at all times and make sure you are not being followed when leaving a Pemex

Please make sure all of your friends and acquaintances are aware of a potential carjacking before they head home. "


Check out NBC's Dateline Report on San Miguel de Allende Kidnappings--CLICK HERE




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