Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crime in Mexico Lake Chapala Style

Imagine a Gringolandia on the West Coast of Mexico composed of thousands of Gringos and you pretty much have Lake Chapala and the surrounding areas.

That Gringolandia is as much an isolated, bubbled, enclave as is San Miguel de Allende and full of Gringolandians who will pontificate most vociferously about how they love Mexico and yet do not live in the culture they profess to love. They do not live in the culture they say they love because they cannot speak Spanish. I would go as far to say, they will not speak Spanish.

And so they go on in their isolated existences making comments regarding the safety of "Lake Side" like:
Live is still VERY good at Lake Chapala.
To which a honest Expat (one who actually lives in the culture they profess to love (a rare beast) says this:
Our area at the lake is not free from drug activity or violence. A lot
of it only is heard about in the Mexican community. There have been
executed people found locally. Drug bust took place in houses next to
friends of mine. I don't know where you would find out about these if
you don't watch the local news in Spanish or talk to your Mexican
neighbours. You only hear about the tip of the iceberg talking to other
gringas or gringos. --
Oh my. There we go with that pesky little item I harp on: Learning Spanish. But this person is making the very same point I have been making for years and years, and yes, I am going to say it, "received death threats as the result of my efforts."

Death Threats for suggesting that to profess to love this culture and refusing to learn Spanish makes you a Fakepat and not an Expat.

Really, tell me, should not a Gringolandian be required to read a Mexican newspaper or listen to Mexican news before being allowed to make such sappy, subjective online forum statements that it is "perfectly safe" in such-and-such Gringolandia?

How can you possibly know what's going on in this country, much less in the city in which you have your enclave, if you cannot read, speak, and write Spanish?


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