Monday, April 5, 2010

San Miguel de Allende -- What Will it Take?

Check out NBC's Dateline Report on San Miguel de Allende Kidnappings--CLICK HERE


This will not make sense to you unless you've watched the NBC's Dateline story I have abouve with the link to the site.

As my wife and I sat stunned, after watching the news story, discussing the video she accurately predicted that the San Miguelian Gringos, a.k.a. Gringolandians would engage in online Gringolandian cover-up and denial over this story of a horrible kidnapping that happened in their sinless Nirvana.

As usual, none of them have engaged the facts, connected with the data, or, now get this, have even watched the account.

"This is just another chance for the U.S. media to knock Mexico."

"Why is this lady 'just now' telling the story?"

"She must be getting a book deal out of this."

"Her husband had to be involved in the drug trade somehow." (The husband was the one kidnapped for 225 days.)

Just as predictable as can be, these despicable San Miguel de Allende Gringolandians refuse to confront the fact that their little Gringolandian has snakes in their imagined garden eden.

Lest you think me too harsh: If you, you high-and-mighty Gringolandian, would bother to listen to the story, you would find out "Why is this lady 'just now' telling the story?"

This lady 'just now' telling the story because when it was happening the Mexican authorities did not want her to talk the press. You mayor, who was a news media owner then, was asked not to report the story thinking it could and would get the man killed.

In addition, the real power base in San Miguel de Allende, the Gringo land barons, the Gringolandian property moguls, despicably so, didn't want to risk this story affecting their property values or tourism--the source of the Gringolandian Lord of the Flies' potential home owners. They saw it was squelched.

For 'filthy lucre' the ones who pull the puppet strings in SMA, the Gringolandians, prevented the publicity of this story as it was happening.

And, do not think this doesn't happen in the capital. Not only have there been express kidnappings, but there are Gringos here who for the love of their filthy lucre will threaten you with death believing your truth telling in your writing is somehow preventing them from raking in the dough.




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