Friday, April 2, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico - TV Mexican Style

Plan on getting cable or satellite if you are moving to Guanajuato or any where in the country. I do not have cable or satellite. I have the regular "rabbit ears" TV that draws in the one local channel and all the national channels signals.

Mexican TV programming is strange to say the least. In reality, if I were to try to use one word to describe it, Mexican TV programs are its commercials. It is not comprised of the telenovelas and/or the dubbed American programs like Criminal Minds, The Big-Bang Theory, Smallville, etc... What it is are commercials that takes breaks for two to three minutes of shows.

Confusing? You bet and you cannot begin to grasp this, trust me.

For example, I will try and watch The Big-Bang Theory to see what Sheldon is up to in this week's episode. The program is in Spanish so I have to listen extra carefully since the Sheldon character can talk fast. Two minutes into the opening of the show, they go to a commercial. When I say, "to a commercial" what I mean is 35-50 commercials.

This is what it is like with any and all so-called TV programming in Mexico. They break away in the most inopportune times, sometimes in the middle of a fight scene and dialog, and show so many commercials that no human being on this planet can possibly remember what was happening in the show before they broke away. You would have to be an android to keep up.

There have been times when I forgot what show I was watching because there were so many commercials.

The only exceptions I have seen are when they are showing a soccer game. They break away to commercials during time outs and come back before play resumes.

It so figures.

In American TV they usually break way to commercials at the end of a scene in the program. In Mexican TV they have no sense whatsoever what constitutes a scene. They will break away when the actor takes her next breathe reciting her dialog. I mean this. You should see it. They will do this as a punch is being thrown in a tremendous fight scene before the actor's fist hits the bad guy's jaw, show ten minutes of commercials, then when they return you can even find an entirely different TV show on when the show you were watching still had 15-30 minutes to go.

In the middle of a fist being thrown, give me a break!

And, as if that isn't mind numbing, you can never, in a million years, count on a show coming on when it is advertise to come on.

I was waiting for TERMINATOR 3 to come one on Sunday night. It was advertised to begin at 7:00 P.M. and this ad telling the start time appeared at each "commercial break."


As seven o'clock rolled around they kept showing "Law and Order" which they began at a quarter to seven. Terminator 3 began at 8:15 P.M.

Then...then...then all through the Terminator 3 program, at each "commercial break" they would show the ad for the Terminator 3 movie saying that it will begin at 7:00 P.M. when the show had already started.

At the end of the movie, well into the next movie, they kept showing the seven o'clock start time for Terminator 3.

This is how it is here. I've been told that cable is sometimes worse and the shows never start on time and often are not the show advertised at all.

Solution: Get satellite dish and draw in American TV shows from America.



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