Friday, April 16, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex. - Excuse Me?

My wife is an "official" travel advisor for an online outfit that is quite popular. They have a host of these advisors for just about anywhere. One cool thing they have is this secret online forum just for the advisors where they can chat among themselves and share the insanity with which they must deal in the questions they must answer.

Don't misunderstand. They do a fine job in answering the same questions over and over again. I suppose they need some sort of catharsis in this sharing with one another.

One that struck me the other day was this woman who is an advisor for some Mexican resort town. She said that the thing which gets her the most is how frequent she has to answer this question: "Why are Mexicans so stupid that they cannot learn to speak English?"

This does not surprise me. This is the true nature of the Culture Imperialist American who comes to a foreign country (Mexico especially) and really in their heart of hearts believes that anyone with whom they come into any sort of contact must speak English.

Have you ever wondered why they must think this?

I have and am found lacking when trying to offer a plausible answer.

How can anyone offer an excuse for this bizarre mindset or be so stupid as to have this mindset?

Spanish is the spoken language in this country and no matter where these Gringos go they expect to be catered to in English.

I suppose I could ask these gabachos this:

  • "Why are you so stupid that you cannot realize that the entire planet is NOT fluent in English?
  • And why are you so stupid to expect Mexico will have an English speaker at your elbow at every turn?
  • Why are you so stupid to NOT learn Spanish when you come to a country in which Spanish is the major language?
  • In addition, why are you so stupid for being so stupid?"

Well, excuse me if I sound a little testy but it just is beyond the pale to hear this sort of thing so often.



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