Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guanajauato, Mexico -- Gringolandians Consequences

So entrenched is the delusion, so ingrained is the fantasy, so cemented is the idea that moving to Mexico is like moving to heaven itself that Gringos will actually sign away their lives to Mexicans who tell them anything because the Gringo will believe it.

Would you, in buying a house in the States, actually sign a piece of paper leaving the house to your attorney in the event of your death and give the attorney the power of attorney over you in the event of a terminal illness?

And, on top of that would you do this entirely on the word of the suspect lawyer whose language you could not speak, read, or write? this:

Hi, I bought a house six years ago, it was in a bank trust but I was
told I could get it into private ownership at the closing. The closing
came and I was told it was still in the trust and I could buy it that
way or forget it. I bought it in the trust. My lawyer told me we
could get it out of the trust no problem. I believed him. Three years
later it was still in the trust although I had paid the lawyer and he
and his staff assured me they had done the work. I had to sell the
house for a personal reason. I had a different lawyer handle it and he
did get it out of the trust for the new buyer at my expense. He
explained to me that the old lawyer had had me sign a paper saying I
was leaving the house to him at my death. I had also given him the
power to handle my living will needs, namely, no
extreme measures! Duh, do not do it this way! I assume that the house
is privately owned now and that the trust is really gone, but I do not
actually know.

Julie Mignard
If this does not have you shaking your head, maybe this will: This has been going on for years. One of the very doable things that seems to escape the Anglo-Saxon mind is to learn Spanish at home, in the States, long before moving to Mexico and ending up signing your life away to some schmuck you don't know and whose language you cannot comprehend.

In all seriousness, it just kills me to read these accounts when these Gringolandians could learn Spanish the way Mexicans learn English. They are so highly motivated to learn English that they use simple television programs, the internet, comic books, children's stories to learn English. They don't have money to take private tutoring or classes and yet they become fluent in English. Americans and Canadians have the money (and it is not THAT expensive) to learn Spanish.

It is a shame, no, an indictment that Gringos will step one foot over the border into Mexico and can't tell a barber how to cut their hair, a doctor what's wrong with them, or talk to a Mexican neighbor (God forbid they should ever like next to a Mexican) about her martial problems.

It is so doable.



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