Friday, March 19, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico - CHAIR WARS

I've heard of Star Wars, World Wars, Ancient Wars, Modern Wars, Civil Wars, but I have not heard of CHAIR WARS until this morning when my wife emailed me the saga of what is,

The Infamous Chair Wars!

In the Gringolandian resorts in Mexico, Cancun, or whatever, there is a silent yet vicious war going on even as you are reading this words. And, it is a war that has been heretofore unknown to me.

“ Surviving the "chair wars"? Please Help!! ”
Feb 07, 2010, 7:55 AM

We are going with a group of friends in April for the first time. The reviews are amazing except the consistent comments about the "Chair Wars"!

These Gringos who head to Mexico, by the way NOT to visit Mexico, to engage in what they themselves really call "Chair Wars" at American-catering resorts.

Rather than trying to enjoy the sights, absorb a little local culture, visit a museum or two, they get up before the crack of dawn to stake out prime beach spots. It is the objective, their goal, their purpose for being at the budget destroying resort. It isn't to see Mexico but to have the prime spot before their competitors (enemies), the other Gringos, can snatch the beach spot where they apparently sit until it is time to go to bed.

4. Re: Surviving the "chair wars"? Please Help!!

You may have to get up as early at 5:30am, if your hotel is like many others. Dont be surprised, though, if someone moves your things. I think the secret is to have one of your group with the chairs at all times. Dont just leave a towel (the hotel provided beach towel) on the chair. Leave something personal like a paperback book, magazine etc.

One or two years (at other hotels) I went so far as to make a laminated sign with my picture (me and a bengal tiger) saying "this is my chair, I'll be right back")

I can barely grasp this, I just have to admit. This person actually makes a little (or perhaps a big one) laminated sign to fend off trespassers from his beach spot. This begs the question, at least in my mind, is this why Gringos go to resorts, to see who can win The Chair Wars?

It has to be. Not only do they get up in the early hours to snag the best beach spot, but they have all sorts of strategies or battle plans to win this conflict. The best planned strategy does not alway work, however.

5. Re: Surviving the "chair wars"? Please Help!!
Well, you can try playing the chair game but it won't necessarily do you any good. I set my alarm one time only at CRT and got up early so that I could select the palapa of my choice and was successful at 'reserving' it by placing towels on two loungers and a book on top for added measure. I then went back to the room and got cleaned up and then headed to breakfast. By the time we arrived at the beach around 9:30 am a group of 6 women (who were travelling with a wedding party) decided to take their lounge chairs and intentionally butt them up in a row as close as possible directly in front of our palapa. So not only did we have a rotten view we were FORCED to remain in the shade and couldn't pull our chairs out to enjoy any sun if we wanted to.

This war can, if you don't know the rules of engagement, escalate into something so ugly that security has to be consulted.

16. Re: Chair hog-will you confess

Mar 31, 2008, 1:53 PM

Stayed in Akumal Beach resort where they implemented a rule you
could not reserve a seat until 8:00am unless you had your bum in the
seat. If there were towels on seats before that staff would remove them
unless you were in it.

I know the towel game and am an early riser. Headed down at my usual
6:30 with coffee and book in hand. Watched the sunrise had my coffee
and read for a bit. Wife came down around 8:00 and we grabbed breakfast
and headed back to the beach.

11:30 came along and thats when the trouble started. Woman came
along saying we had stole her seats and where were her towels. Told her
I had been there since 6:30 and no towels were on the chairs. She flew
into a rage and got the staff....staff explained the towel deal to her,
but she would have no part of it and was demanding her seats. Staff
asked me to move in order to mitigate the situation......guess
what.....I aint gonna move 1 inch.

Long story short.....she left and we stayed. Saw her many times and
she would just burn holes through me with her glare.

This only confirms in my mind what I have been writing all these years about Gringolandians -- THEY ARE NUTS!

It just has to be. To get up so early to snag the right chair in the right spot they have to go to bed early to do this, I would assume. So, does this mean they are spending their vacation time and money on going to bed extra early so they can get up before everyone else to win The Chair Wars?

Do not these people need professional help?



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