Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- SMA Muggings

Here is a huge quote from the TripAdvisor Forum about one lady's mugging experience in the wonderfully safe San Miguel de Allende:

#1 ...Good to hear how much you liked SMA. It's a beautiful place and I am
spending my 4th winter here in order to get out of Chicago. Unfortunately, crime has skyrocketed and I got mugged on my 2nd night here in early January. Friends say it's gangs of youth who come in between Christmas and New Year's to prey on tourists. My
"socializing", especially at night, has been severely curtailed.

#2...I am so sorry to tell you that my mugging occurred just around the corner from Zacateros, close to Cafe Monet and the little bar there, on Cruz, just inside the La Aldea gates. The thug dragged me into Rinconada de Aldea (where I NEVER walk) and threw me to the ground, before taking off with my bag. People in Cafe Monet and the bar next
door heard my bloodcurdling shrieks and screams and a lot of people,
including 4 police, came running.

I had been such a huge fan of this place, spending 6 months of the year here to avoid Chicago's cold. I have always been very careful but led an active social life...you know how it is here. No longer...and many of my long-time friends here feel just the same. Read Carol's blog in www.fallinginlovewithsanmiguel.com. There's a lot of crime here.

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